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Trading can seem like a daunting task, where risk must be considered at all times, and successfully navigated in order to just turn a profit. Here at JR88 TRADING we are a social trading community designed to bridge the knowledge gap and provide every trader the same keys to success that we utilize in our own accounts, day after day after day.

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At JR88, we are working to raise the bar on what a successful social trading community can be, educating our members on sustainable and consistent options and crypto trading strategies, and providing the tools needed to build accounts and develop the long-lasting skills needed to navigate the stock and crypto markets.

We are a fully-featured platform, designed to provide you all of the tools and resources needed in one convenient location. Our approach to trading options includes accountability, radical transparency, and trade ideas optimized for all account sizes. As a member of our community, you'll be joined by traders of all levels and gain valuable insight by working together with our team to find success in the market. Inside of the alert system, you get to see our exact trades including live entries and exits, so it's no exaggeration to say… our community keeps us honest every day. 

Giving you all the Tools you need to Succeed!

Whether you have heard of options and you're just getting ready to start learning about them, or you've been day trading for years, we can provide you with amazing education and state-of-the-art technology to practically ensure your success.

The JR88 system is fully-featured. With live trade alerts, live technical analysis, chart analysis, algorithm-identified alerts, options flow and much more, you can see why our community trusts JR88 as their #1 trading resource. Highly educational for all levels, the JR88 social trading community also provides a learning environment for beginners, allowing you to practice your risk management skill set with our innovative small ($1,000 - $2,000) account alerts, and discuss your trades with like-minded individuals. We also provide you an opportunity to become well-acquainted with the dynamics of trading through our Educational Mastery Courses, hands on private and group training sessions designed and personalized for your financial success. Learn and practice your skills before you even place a trade with your own money.

And it only gets better...

Our exceptionally profitable live trades, identified through proven and consistent trading strategies, are sent in real-time with alerts for ALL entries and exits, ALWAYS.

The JR88 system even has advanced features like dark pool prints (secret trades that only select investors will ever see) and options flow data and scanners so that you can accurately predict where the market is going next. Additionally, our exclusive algorithm is constantly scanning the market and sending alerts only when the best signals are identified. Lastly, custom bots that can automatically identify entry and exit points on our favorite charts automatically do the work for you, and alert when it's time to trade. The best part about all of these data sources is that we bring them into one place so you can access them easily and effortlessly, really creating a cohesive and complete system for traders of all levels.

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JR88 is proud to offer educational training classes, designed for all-levels of experience.
Our expert educators are here to help you accomplish your financial goals, no matter where you are in your trading journey. Learn more about our specialists below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Jovan | Owner

Daytrader + Technical Analyst + Investor

With over 10+ Years of experience, Jovan created JR88 TRADING in order to create a community of traders, all focused on improvement and financial success through shared experience. When everyone trades together, it's impossible to be left behind.  

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