How do I sign up for the discord trading group or the SubStack?



What is included in the subscription?

  • Short & Long Term Swing Trade Ideas
  • Earnings Trade Ideas
  • Lotto Trade Ideas (High risk, High potential reward)
  • Premium Selling Ideas
  • Clear Entries & Exits
  • Daily Trade Recap/Log
  • Access to our alert and chat rooms, chart analysis, and more!
  • Access to options flow sweep and data, algo signaled alerts, and darkpool prints.

 What makes this room different from the others?

  1. We make it EASY
    -> Clear entries & exits with stop losses and when to take profits.

    -> Not only do we give you the entry & exit signal but we tell you why we took the trade
    -> We tell you exactly when we are opening and closing a positions in real-time.

  3. We are focused on VALUE
    -> Lower price than other popular live trade alert subscription groups. We get it, you're here to learn and develop and we want to make sure access to the group is economically feasible for most traders that are just starting their journey.

  4. We prioritize EDUCATION
    -> We help you to manage risk, by separating trade alerts into low and moderate risk vs high risk
    -> We lead you to becoming better traders, rather than creating a dependency on our alerts.
    -> We don't just give an entry and exit signal, but rather we give you the thought process behind the setup so you can replicate it.

    -> You won't see us telling you to all in an account or engaging with high risk same day options as a norm. We know what it takes to become a real trader (not a gambler) and while the stuff that goes viral is the crazy 0dte gains, we know that for most that leads to loss, inconsistency and unrealistic expectations.

    Do you offer a free trial?

    • No, we believe our pricing is substantially below other groups and we post public trades and setups on Twitter for free. After signing up there is no term commitment if you choose not to renew the following month, you can easily unsubscribe as long as you give us 24hr notice. This group will build on what you see on Twitter so that is our version of a “free look.https://twitter.com/jovanroche

    Where can I find the Alerts?

    • You must have a paid monthly subscription and completed activation on our Discord server to have access to our live trade alerts.

    The Alerts can be found in THREE places:

    1. #🚨│jr28-options-alerts: This is where our official alerts will be called out. Please pay attention to the type of trade on the alert, as they can be a swing, day trade, or lotto trade.
    2. 🚨│plo-options-alerts: Plo is an independent contractor who shares his own ideas and trades. They are independent to JR28 please do your due diligence when taking these setups.
    3. 💸│futures-alerts: This is where we will post NQ/MNQ & ES/MES futures trades.

      What should I know before joining the group?

      • You should have a basic understanding of options trading prior to joining.
      • Please go through the information and links available on #intro-to-options and get familiar with as much of the terminology as you can. Watch as many youtube videos, read as many books as necessary to understand what options are.
      • The subscription is for trade alerts. We offer beginner courses separately.
      • Ideally you would want to have at least $2000 to be able to trade options.
      • You should have a brokerage account and be familiar with the trading platform you will be using.
      • It is our recommendation that you trade first on a paper account versus using real money, until you are familiar with what you are doing.
      • You should not jump into or chase every trade that is alerted until you understand the risks involved with that specific trade.
      • Trading options is not a "get rich quick strategy." Options are a very risky form of investment and you should never trade more than you can afford to lose.
      • We stress the importance of understanding all of the risks of any form of trading or investing that you choose to do. One should fully understand the worst-case scenario prior to trading or investing real dollars. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You take full responsibility for all trading actions and should make every effort to understand the risks involved. J&M Roche Enterprises LLC is not responsible for any losses that may occur from trading our opinions. You must take on your own due diligence.

        Where are your Terms & Conditions / Terms of Service?

        Where is your Privacy Policy?

        How do I join your Affiliate Program / How do I receive credits for new referrals?

        • Coming soon 

          How can I do unlimited daytrades with a small account?

          • You can open a cash account on different brokers (TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, WeBull, Robinhood etc) that offer this type of account and you will be allowed to trade as many times as you want with the cash available in your account. PDT restrictions do not apply to cash accounts.
          • You can open an account at WeBull/Robinhood and get some free fractional shares by using my links:
            WeBull  Robinhood

          How do I make sure my TD Ameritrade account is a Cash Account?

          • Sign into your account via the desktop website and go to “My Profile”. - Margin Trading setting should be “None” -Option Trading setting should be “Standard Cash” -Note: you cannot trade spreads in a cash account.

            Why can't I find some of the trades that you alert?

            • Robinhood will not allow you to purchase same day expiry options. Robinhood also does not allow you to purchase SPX options. We recommend using TD Ameritrade or E*TRADE for these. 

            How do I know if you are in a trade?

            • Check the latest position summary in ⁠#jr28-options-alerts. If there has not been an exit post since the latest one it is most likely that I am still holding it unless a predetermined stop was placed and it automatically triggered.

            How do I interpret your trade alert?

            • Sample Alert:  

            • SWING TRADE
              BOUGHT MSFT $330P MAR 13 @ 1.5 X 3
              S/L 1.00
            • Additional Definitions/Considerations:
              • P = Put, C = Call
              • Swing = We intend to hold for more than 1 day unless PT or Stop is hit
              • Lotto = Very High Risk Trade, very high chance it will be a quick trade
              • Trimmed = I have sold a portion of the total holdings.
              • If a trade has moved more than 15% since our alert and you are seeking to enter, wait for it to come back down or wait for the next trade.
              • Our opinion is that you always have an exit plan prior to entering a trade. We usually stick to a -30% stop loss, and take profits at 50-100%.

            What does Swing x3 on your trades mean?

            • Swing refer to the trade type, which lets you know that this is a Swing Trade. x3 means we have purchased 3 contracts.

            What does +$1915C/-$1920C mean?

            • + means buy, - means sell. In this example we are creating a debit spread. We are buying a $1915C and selling a $1920C in the SAME transaction. Please see #intro-to-options for a video link on how to create spreads.

              What is a debit/credit spread?

              • Spread strategies in options trading typically involve buying one option and selling another of the same class on the same underlying security with a different strike price or a different expiration. Please see our post in #intro-to-options for more information.

              What is a hedge?

              • A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security. Think of a "hedge" as an insurance policy for your investments.

              What is FOMO?

              • Fear of missing out. The biggest mistake traders can make is allowing your emotions to affect your trades. If you feel like you are missing out and that you must enter a position, STOP. That’s FOMO. The market has hundreds if not thousands of opportunities every single day. If you feel like that, it’s because that opportunity has left. You were too late, move on to the next one.

              I have lost $XXXX amount of money and I want to make it all back, what trade should I do?

              • STOP TRADING (Take a break). Seek help, to get your mind back on track. DM ME. You cannot trade options with this mindset. You first have to have a clear head and help yourself before you can recover from a substantial financial loss. Options can become an addiction, if this happens to you I recommend you seek professional help.
              • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
              • National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700
              • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357

                  What are Sweeps?

                  • Sweeps are typically large blocks, meaning that the trader placing the order has some major financial backing.
                  • Sweep orders indicate that the buyer wants to take a position in a hurry, which could imply that they are anticipating a large move in the underlying stock’s share price in the very near future, and as a result the order may be split into numerous parts to take advantage of the best prices currently offered on the market. #sweep-signals shows large sweep orders that are occurring live, which allows you to get an idea of where the larger trades are occurring, or what their market sentiment is. These orders will "sweep" multiple exchanges and print to the tape as multiple smaller orders, executing just microseconds apart and will be tallied up to obtain an idea of just how big the position truly is.

                  What are Blocks?

                  • Block orders are orders of significantly large size either for securities or options trades. They are executed apart from the public auction market. Block trades were specifically designed for institutions and traders with major financial backing. There is no official size designation constituting a block of securities, but a commonly used threshold is more than 10,000 equity shares or a total market value of more than $200,000. Securities traded in block trades facilitate trading by institutional investors or other large investors that require such bulk trades to meet their needs. Option Block orders may be of significant interest due to the sizing and timing of the block trade, and the trade details may lend additional insight to the anticipated movement.

                  What are Dark Pools?

                  • Dark pools are private exchanges designed to conceal institutional trading activity from the public and retail investors. Dark pools came about primarily to facilitate the trading of very large block orders by institutional investors. Such orders, were they to be executed via sweep or on the public market, may impact the market and create adverse price reactions in the underlying security. Dark pools allow these very large blocks to be completed prior to public knowledge and accompanying price movement.

                  What are Algo Signals?

                  • Algo Signals is a predictive algorithm. It attempts to predict when momentum in a stock is going to pick up in the near term. Sudden surges in price on heavy volume (buy/sell program activated on a ticker) with repeated flow activity will usually trigger an algo signal. Long Signal: Algo is predicting momentum will increase to the upside. Short Signal: Algo is predicting momentum will increase to the downside. How long do the signals last? Signals generated average 1-5 days in duration. The recommendation is to review option flow that coincides with the algo alert. What is the best time-frame to use on a chart for the signals?
The 1 hour, 2 hour and daily time-frames.

                  When do you send out trade alerts?

                  • Generally we avoid entering trades right at market open unless we have higher than usual confidence in a trade. It is our preference to wait at least 30 minutes after open for direction to be more clear. At that point we will alert a trade as soon as we enter. During more volatile trading sessions we sometimes wait 1 hour after open for direction before entering a positions. The most movement happens within the first hour after open and the last hour before close. You should expect alerts around these times.

                  How many alerts per day?

                  • We focus on quality over quantity so we can’t commit to a specific amount of alerts per day. Some days there will be plenty of market setups with lots of alerts, others will be dry days where waiting patiently is the move.

                  What is your success rate?

                  • We don't measure success rate. We think that risk management and trader education and development supersedes any "stats" and is a far more important metric. We focus on quality setups and trades and patience & discipline.

                  I haven't received my affiliate payment, what should I do?

                  • Coming soon

                  How do I manage/cancel my subscription?

                  • You may make changes directly on the WHOP portal https://whop.com/orders/products/
                  • Send me a request here: https://jr28trading.com/pages/contact-us
                  • Send me a direct message to @jovanroche from within the server. Please ensure you are DM'ing the correct Jovan from the admin list.

                  You may also email us at jovan@jovanroche.com 1 full day prior to the billing date for the cancellation to be processed.

                  Please note that if you had a promotional rate subscription and it is cancelled, the rate will be lost if you choose to rejoin at a later time.